Apr 23, 2011

The net is amazing !

Was surfing wikimapia to locate Poteswari tala in Shantipur. One hit led to another and I happened to see a reference of my Great Grandfather - Sudhamoy Pramanick's interest in Sankrit literature in 1316 BS (102 yrs ago)! Also his role in the Satyagraha movement against the Salt Laws while Netaji was being arrested in 1930 ! And this was not a happening metro city - it was a small sleepy town in the Nadia district from a century ago !

Sudhamoy Pramanick
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Sudhamoy Pramanick (1884– Oct 1974) ( Bengali: সুধাময় প্রামাণিক ) was a bengali advocate from Shantipur. He was the lifetime secretary of the Tili Samaj - in his time he was one of the fortunate Presidencians - a year senior to Rajendra Prasad. He was a social activist of sorts - involved in the Satyagraha movement [1] to campaign for Indian independence.

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Another amazing piece is below. A document about Bengali books compiled by a Frenchman from more than a century back, preserved in a British Museum! I guess we have much to learn on chronicling and Infotech yet. Sudhamoy Pramanick's name appears on this page about some Sanskrit work done in 1905 !