May 8, 2011

One evening 150 years back ...

On an evening in April, 150 years back, a prodigy was born to the Thakur family of Jorashanko, Kolkata. He was to transform Bengali literature, music and broadly Bengali culture. What we would have been without Rabindranath Tagore ? The man who wrote a piece for every situation of life. Influenced and inspired several generations of Bengalis - took Indian culture to the world. To fellow Bengalis is the reminder of his words ('Letters - Chithipotro'):

Amra na podiya Pondit ...
            আমরা না পড়িয়া পন্ডিত           
           আমরা না লড়িয়া বীর               
          আমরা ধাঁ করিয়া সভ্য               
        আমরা ফাঁকি দিয়া পেট্রিয়ট            
       আমরা ভারী ভদ্র, ভারী বুদ্হিমান     
           কোনো বিষযে পাগলামি নাই       
       আমরা পাশ করিব, রোজগার করিব ও তামাক খাইব  
        আমরা এগোইব না - অনুসরণ করিব  
    কাজ করিব না - পরামর্শ দিব !          

Let's rediscover Tagore !

May 2, 2011

Osama is past ...

The greatest icon of terror of this decade - Osama bin Laden is no more  ... 

He is killed in a mansion worth $1mn built over the years - 500m from a Pak military academy (overlooking the wall, some say !) - and the US President is applauding Pakistan for their help in "nabbing" Laden after 10 yrs (of sheltering !) the chief 9/11 convict ! One could have expected more from Obama on this day of victory against terror !

The Daily Beast lambasts the sham ...

Wonder why WE must keep on making mere statements ! Can't our septuagenerians learn from this action? If US navy seals could reach "deep into Pakistan" and take out their target - can't our commandos get Masood Azhar ! Some say the only 'male' PM we had was Indira Gandhi - wish she was around !!